Ds and I just came in from planting 8 tomato plants


10 various paper plants, 9 sweet potato plants, and five herb plants (rosemary, 2 different mints, dill, creeping thyme). It didn’t take us long, but the humidity about did us in. We did a pretty slap dash job of planting. I just needed those plants in the ground before they died, and before the next rain storm (predicted for tomorrow).

We found a few volunteer potato plants, asparagus and garlic all growing well.

Once this round of rain is gone I’ll start on the seed planting.

Keep in mind that people give cars away too


and sometimes those vehicles are in drive-away condition. My farm truck, which is my daily driver, was literally a “first one to come get it, keeps it” vehicle. Sure, we’ve put more money into it since then. But it’s nickname is The Buck Truck because that’s how much we had to pay to buy it. Only reason we had to pay the $1.00 is because our beloved state only allows folks to give away any single vehicle once. It had already been gifted to the person who was giving it to us, so we had to show a bill of sale. That’s because our license tab renewals are based on purchase or sales price. But that’s how much we paid for it.

Even if someone figures in all the repairs we’ve done over the years, I think it would average out to less than $500/year. Folks just need to be looking in the right places and be ready to pounce when these cars come along. They’re out there, and ever since pouncing on ours, I’ve seen a handful go by since then. Freecycle is a beautiful thing.