I don’t know if it was in this forum or one of the others I belong too


but I’ve heard others say the same thing. Unlimited really isn’t unlimited. It’s whatever they decide. I was going to switch to them to their unlimited cell plans that has data for $45. I asked around and that is how I found out that they do actually limit it. They don’t tell you that though BEFORE you sign up. However it must be in the fine print somewhere because otherwise they could get into trouble for false advertising.

Straight talk data usage


I just bought a new phone and added it to my unlimited straight talk phone. Today they call me and tell me if I don’t get my usage down they are dropping my service. I argue and they don’t care. So, their unlimited service isn’t unlimited. This happen to anyone else ?

First the sad note


You all know how I love my geese, we lost one of our oldest (around 15 years old) this weekend. Pigwidgeon, the big gray Toulouse that I’ve written often about, has finally got to be with his mate Penelope again after 12 long years of mourning her loss. He’s a happy gander now I’m certain.
Now on to brighter things. The rain has stopped for a few days and we took full advantage of it, before the next round of severe weather is scheduled to hit starting tomorrow.
Dh got home from an out of town training trip on Thursday evening late. He will probably be doing a lot more of that with his new promotion. As long as he can travel safely that’s okay by us because he know different ways to borrow money online and gets a little extra in the paycheck when he travels for the company. I just miss him like crazy and he was only gone one night this trip.
While he was out of town ds took some training here so both my guys expanded their work related knowledge this last week. Not to be left behind in improving my brain I did a lot of research on various subjects for improving our lifestyle and overall health this last week as well. My daddy always said “learn one new thing every day and you will grow very wise.” He was the wisest person I ever met—and yes, even as a teenager I thought him wise.
Dh and ds finished my can rotators for the upstairs pantry—FINALLY. They ran out of lumber so the second one is actually just a half one, but that’s okay I adapted. As soon as I finish loading the pantry completely back up, labeling everything and snapping photos I’ll definitely be putting a blog post up on it.
Speaking of blog posts this last week was a very productive one for me on posting. First there was the Corralling Cupboards one, then two different ones on garden planning. Thanks to all that visited, I hoped you enjoyed the posts.
Don’t look now but there are two more going up soon—A book review on the book “The Great American Staycation” and one on summertime plans a la BN.
I picked the book up at the library on a whim, not because of planning a staycation, but looking for ideas for part II of my summertime fun blog series on Mind Your Pennies. I was looking for kid entertainment. What I found was a book that I will give a rare “A” to in my review, and one I took copious notes out of, but that is for another post.
We did the typical holiday meals, charcoaled burgers and chicken, made homemade ice cream and drank lemonade for the holiday. I am so proud to be married to a Viet Nam veteran and I want to thank all the other vets and their families out there that have sacrificed so much for the freedoms you have given us.
Oh I did one merchandising job, and turned down several others this last week. The one was for my favorite company to work for and they were in a bind, I needed to go to that store anyway, so why not let them pay for my fuel to do it? The others would have been very time and fuel consuming so I said no to them.
Monday, I plan finally started getting stuff into the garden while the guys continued to work on firewood, bird pens, truck upkeep and ds’ tiny house. They are back to digging holes for the foundation piers. They started this back a few years ago and then finances went to heck in a hand basket. So now they are starting over basically.
OH! And so far for this pay period we are under budget by a bunch!

I just made a huge list for my family on Long Island of free concerts, movies, etc


So far I only have the county list and our town list. I don’t have the neighboring towns yet and there is something to go that interests my family most every day so far. I might get to a few of them but if we need something to do, I will check my list.

I will also get passes from the library to supplement our annual memberships at the Bronx Zoo and Museum of Natural History. (Unfortunately tolls and parking for these are not free 🙁